Run for Zion

Join Run for Zion today and come to Israel for as little as $29.  That’s right, by registering by September 15, 2022, you will receive our EARLY BIRD PRICE OF $1,829. Afterward, the price for ground goes up to just $1,949.  But if you partner with us and set up your own crowd funding page at RunforZion.com, you can be eligible for an $1800 subsidy that will bring the six-day land package price down to as little as $29. 

Of course, you need to get to Israel and prices differ from city to city and country to country.  We also have a subsidy for you, up to $1500 that will offset if not fully pay for that.  But you don’t have to participate in any of the crowd funding, you can choose to register and pay your own way, and join us to bless Israel and be blessed.  

Our subsidy model is Biblical, based on God’s promise that He will bless those who bless Israel.  It’s also retroactive. Even after you’ve paid for your trip, and through the end of the Run for Zion Israel experience, when you continue to reach higher subsidy benchmarks, we will credit you the full amounts of the subsidies for which you are eligible. 

Despite the name, Run for Zion is not just for runners.  You can run a full or half marathon, run or walk 5or 10K, or sit on the sidelines cheering on the tens of thousands of participants, motivating them and being inspired by them. 

All participants will have meaningful interaction with the Land and People of Israel, and connect in person with the projects that are supported through the crowd funding, blessing Israelis of all walks of life. We also invite all churches and ministries to partner with us, setting up their own team page and promoting Run for Zion as their own program. You can do this and bring a team of any size, without the pressure or commitment to recruit a full bus, and still benefit from the group pricing and subsidies. 

All participants receive all the exclusive Run for Zion swag, along with a full program that includes: five nights hotel * breakfast and dinner daily * special celebratory Shabbat dinner, program, and Bible study * closing gala * marathon registration * Run for Zion and Jerusalem swag * all touring and entry fees * worship together * tips to guide/driver * opportunity to be baptized in the Jordan River and more special events


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