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In order to make the widest impact and bless millions of Israelis of all backgrounds, Run for Zion is designating several meaningful projects that are unique and which Christians can embrace.

You will support important needs such as
  • Aliyah – the prophetic ingathering of exiles
  • Provide emergency medical care for Israelis of all backgrounds
  • Comfort terror victims
  • Enhance security for Israeli communities
  • Embrace Holocaust survivors in the last years of their lives
  • Feed the hungry
  • Care for soldiers who put their lives on the line to protect their people and the Land
  • Invest in orphans and at-risk children to ensure their bright future
  • Support Christian communities living among Arab populations 
  • Protect unborn babies 
  • Bless Jerusalem and its residents

We are vetting the projects to be comfortable recommending them to you as a priority to make the widest impact with the greatest integrity. 

Even if you are not participating personally, please consider a generous donation so we can maximize the blessing. Here’s how we are blessing Israel together.
  • Promote Aliyah – The exile and return of the Jewish people to their Land was prophesied and promised. In 1948 Israel had a population of only 800,000. Ten years later that grew to 2 million. Today Israel’s population stands at over 9 million. This growth is largely due to millions of new immigrants, returning from the four corners of the earth, the prophetic ingathering of exiles. We support this by helping to fund the actual return of Jews to their Land today, as well as many of the complexities in the absorption and adjustment to life in their new home.
  • Embrace Holocaust Survivors – this is the last generation that there will be elderly Holocaust survivors among us. In addition to comforting them because of the horrors they suffered and the trauma that’s inflicted on their lives, today as they age, they have many more medical and other needs as they live out the last years of their lives. Embracing and loving on these people is an obligation and a privilege.
  • Emergency Medical Care – In Judaism, saving a human life is a top priority. As any modern country, there are no shortage of emergency medical needs for Israelis of all backgrounds. Whether the emergency is a heart attack or a terrorist attack, a car accident or an act of God, Israel provides world class medical care for all its citizens, tourists, refugees and its neighbors.

  • Building Bridges Between Jews and Christians – worshiping the same God, sharing Biblical text and faith, and affirming that God blesses those who bless Israel, there are no shortage of ways in which we can and need to continue to build bridges between Jews and Christians. This can be as simple as sharing a Shabbat meal to joint Bible study. It also involves breaking down barriers and building understanding, so unconditional love flows both ways. We aspire to be at the cutting edge, creating new and meaningful ways to connect Jews and Christians together in love, with respect, and in His service.
  • Comfort terror victims – terrorism is not new in Israel and is something that impacts all Israelis. Nevertheless, Israel is one of the happiest countries in the world and life always moves forward, no matter the challenges. Nevertheless, generations are impacted by terror whether people who have been injured themselves and survived, or families of those killed and injured. We provide extra comfort to help Israelis cope with the threat and if caught in the crosshairs, to help return their lives to normal.
  • Enhance security for Israeli communities – because of threats from its neighbors, there are numerous Israeli communities with millions of residents in the range of and threatened by war and other security issues whether terrorist infiltration, or rockets and tunnels designed to maim and murder at random. We provide enhanced civilian security for communities that have increased risk to prepare for and prevent threats should they come.
  • Feed the hungry – the reasons why there are Israelis who live below the poverty line and can’t put food on their tables differs from other countries, but the need is the same. Whether due to sudden illness or unemployment, or any other reason, we help provide nourishing meals and staples to help feed the hungry with dignity.
  • Care for soldiers – Israel’s military draft is obligatory and its soldiers, our sons and daughters, are appreciated and respected widely. However, the salaries that they earn are modest and many have needs that they can’t take care of themselves. Whether providing a holiday meal, thermal socks, or other social services to those who put their lives on the line to protect their people and the Land, we join a grateful nation to enhance social services that show our appreciation and respect for their service.
  • Invest in orphans and at risk children - whether because a parent has died or a parent is not up to the task of raising his or her children, there are tens of thousands of orphans and at risk youth who live full time in special youth villages or get extra help after school, as an investment to ensure their bright future. It’s a critical investment both in the child and in the society. By helping the children, we invest in their future but also in their future contribution to all of Israeli society.
  • Support Christian communities – Israel is the only place in the middle east where the Christian population is growing and where Christians can live and practice freely without fear of persecution. Among Palestinian Arabs, that’s not always the case and extra help is needed to strengthen those living among the broader Arab and Moslem population. Jews and Christians worship the same God, the Creator of the Universe, and in that regard, we have a mutual responsibility and shared destiny.
  • Protect unborn babies – Judaism sanctifies life and every life is precious. We live by the Talmudic dictum that “he who saves one life saves the entire world.” In Israel the issue of abortion is less political and more social. We provide funding to help women make a positive choice not to terminate a pregnancy, including counseling, funding and long term help no matter the circumstances.
  • Bless Jerusalem – Ancient Jerusalem is central to Jews and Christians alike. Modern Jerusalem represents the prophetic fulfillment of God’s promise to restore His people to their Land. Today Jerusalem is Israel’s largest and most diverse city. It is made up of Jews of all religious and ethnic backgrounds, as well as Christian and Moslem Arabs, Armenian, Greek, Russian and Ethiopian orthodox churches, and much more. Despite the day to day coexistence that makes Jerusalem a shining example, much more can and needs to be done to nurture coexistence and bless all its residents.