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Run for Zion is your unique opportunity to tangibly bless Israel, and see Israel as most never get to do, running in the footsteps of Jesus.  We want to make your participation as easy as 1, 2, 3.
First, please register for and received a link to your own team page.  Then, please take a few minutes to customize your page with a photo, and a personal message as to why participating in Run for Zion and blessing Israel important for you.
Then, just share your page with friends and family so they can sponsor you and be part of blessing Israel

Because of the major subsidies being offered, when you raise $3200, you will be eligible for a free ground package in Israel.  When you raise $5500, you will be eligible for a free ground package and $1400 toward your airfare which can make your trip entirely FREE.
Indeed you will bless Israel and be blessed!

Ministries that partner with us and recruit their own team are eligible for additional subsidies.
You can find all details right here on our web site.
We will provide materials you can use to motivate you and your friends and family to sponsor you.
Either way you are in for the experience of a lifetime.  We hope that you are as excited about this opportunity as we are to have you join us.
The Run for Zion team is here to support and guide you.  Please let us know if we can be of any help and contact our travel team to move forward with your reservations.


If you would like to extend your trip in Israel, arriving earlier or staying later our ground agent at Diesenhaus Jerusalem (runforzion@diesenhaus.co.il) will be glad to accommodate you with hotels, guides, organized tours and an air itinerary that fits your schedule.


Please contact our tour operator for details, discounted plane reservations, to register for our land package at runforzion@diesenhaus.co.il, or call Batsheva at +972-2 622-0000.