Team Go for the Gold!

Go For The Gold!

Go for the Gold!

Shalom everyone!

Team Go for the Gold is a group of Phoenix-area runners so blessed to journey this year to run/jog/walk the Jerusalem Marathon this year!

Personally, this race is super special because it's going to places where Yeshua - Jesus - walked. It's a place of prophesy and promise of G-d's everlasting promises and covenant with the Land of Israel. It's a place where my late grandma would have loved to go, but I get to run the race in honor of her as well. My friend Rhonda who is also joining will be walking the marathon race in honor of her late father. My friend Delia will also be joining running the 10K.

There is a saying that in remembrance there is life and that in telling the story of loved ones, we keep their memories alive. I hope you enjoy Team Go for the Gold's journey to Israel and the stories along the way.

Many blessings of shalom,


Sharing a meal on the maiden voyage of grandma's china! Quite fitting since grandma loved Israel.

Go Team Go!

Super cool to finally have a team meet up! Great meeting up with Rhonda and Delia who will be running the marathon and 10K, respectively. Also had some team spirit bags and shared insights from the course! Only two or so weeks until leaving for Israel!


Excited to now have a local team in the Phoenix area going to Israel! We are all running/jogging/walking different distances for Jerusalem Marathon - the 10K, the 1/2, and the full marathon. Super excited that we will be able to all meet up in a couple weeks prior to leaving for Israel!

Meeting up with Rhonda, who will be running the marathon distance. Such a great fellowship time!

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