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You can’t join us to run, walk, or cheer in Jerusalem in person but still want to be part of the action? No problem! You can join Run for Zion, bless Israel, and participate virtually!

What is Virtual Running?
Run for Zion’s Virtual Runner Program enables anyone to join Run for Zion remotely, from anywhere in the world. You can run or walk 5K, 10K, a half marathon, or a full marathon, and make an actual impact by blessing Israel from the comfort of your own home. Virtual Runners will also receive the unique Run for Zion swag* that all participants in Israel receive, AND bless Israel and Israeli charities that benefit Israelis from all walks of life.

As a Virtual Runner, based on the amount you raise (see below), you will receive gifts including a customized Run for Zion participant certificate, decal for your car, sports hat, and dry fit team shirt, bib, medal and more.

How can I become a Run for Zion Virtual Runner?
  1. Register at www.runforzion.com and indicate the distance you plan to run or walk virtually.
  2. Set up and share your unique crowd funding page widely, and ask everyone you know to sponsor you to bless Israel.
  3. Invite friends and family to join you as a Virtual Runner, as part of your “virtual team” or on their own. The more the merrier.
  4. Between now and March 19, 2023, go out and run or walk your race. Indoors or outdoors. In a mall, on your treadmill, or around the lake or campus nearby. If you’re part of a “virtual team” you can run or walk together.
  5. Take a photo or video of yourself during your run or walk, and of your run or walk results via, Strava, your GPS device, or treadmill. Post the photos to any social media account with the hashtag #RunforZion and at the Run for Zion Facebook page.
  6. Promote your crowdfunding page through March 19 to increase donations and your chance to receive gifts and win the $1000 prize.
  7. See the exciting fundraising benefits noted below (subject to change): 
  • Raise at least $100 to get a customized Run for Zion participant certificate and decal*
  • Raise at least $250 to get a customized Run for Zion participant certificate, decal, and a sports hat*
  • Raise at least $400 to get a customized Run for Zion participant certificate, decal, sports hat, and team shirt*
  • Raise at least $500 to get a customized Run for Zion participant certificate, decal, sports hat, team shirt and Run for Zion race medal*
  • SPECIAL OFFER – everyone who raises at least $400 will be entered for a drawing to win $1000 toward their participation in Run for Zion in Jerusalem (March 2024). One entry will be included per $400 raised (i.e. $800 – 2 entries, $1600 – 4 entries)

Your well-deserved Run for Zion swag will be sent to you shortly after the event. (*- we are making arrangements to include a special Run for Zion bib and or medal and these will be included pending confirmation.)

Just as with those who participate in Jerusalem in person, Virtual Runners will be eligible for a variety of First, Second and Third Place prizes based on total dollars raised, total number of donors, and more.


Are there any entry fees?
No. You can sign up for free on www.runforzion.com.

Who can sign up to run virtually?
Anyone is eligible to sign up for any distance offered. To participate as Run for Zion Virtual Runner, you will need to sign up through www.runforzion.com.

What’s the timeframe to complete my Virtual Run/Walk?
You can register for any distance over any period of time, just finish by March 19.  So if you want to run or walk two kilometers a week over 21 weeks, you’ll be able to finish the length of a full marathon.
How will Virtual Runners be recognized?
Individually, if you raise at least $100 you will get a personalized Run for Zion partner certificate. As you raise more money, you’ll also receive more of the unique Run for Zion gifts. Virtual Runners will also be recognized together according to the level you raise, at RunforZion.com, and on social media, as part of a Virtual Honor Roll.

What other incentives are offered?
Every individual who sponsors and donates toward your personal Virtual Runner crowd funding campaign will be offered the same promotions and incentives as those who donate to sponsor an actual runner. For example, anyone person, business or ministry which donates at least $100 by December 31, 2022 will be eligible to receive the stunning Genesis 123 Foundation Inside-Out Mezuzah, a beautiful piece of art you’ll want to adorn your home or office. Once you register at www.runforzion.com you will receive updates about other incentives and promotions.

I’ve signed up to run virtually, but I’ve decided I want to run in person. How can I do that?
Definitely. You have an option to create your personalized crowd-funding page and raise $4000 toward a free land package and $6500 toward a free land and air (up to $1,500 in land and airfare subsidized respectively). If you raise at least $12,000 you will be eligible for an additional $1500 subsidy for someone to share your room and get a free land package. You can also opt to pay directly to be a part of the Run for Zion program (March 18-22, 2020) with no fundraising requirements. Details of pricing and the package offered can be seen at www.runforzion.com.

What are some of the charities that Run for Zion supports?
We fund programs of charities that operate with integrity and transparency, and bless Israelis of all walks of life. Please go here to see more about the kinds of projects we are funding. We have also produced a video highlighting the kinds of projects we fund and the experience of visiting them as part of the Run for Zion program.

Can we organize a Run for Zion in our community?
YES. While our vision is to be able to bring as many people to be part of the Run for Zion experience in Israel, we definitely will be pleased to coordinate with you to host an event anywhere else in the world. We’ll need your active help, but would love to partner together and bring Zion to you. Please contact us at info@runforzion.com.