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Run for Zion allows you to be part of one of the most unique marathon events in the world, and bless Israel with every step. Whether you are a professional level runner, or just run 5 or 10k races as a hobby, you now have the opportunity to run or walk in the Jerusalem marathon. You’ll join tens of thousands of Israelis passing through Israel’s capital, beautiful residential neighborhoods whose homes are built with famous Jerusalem stone, and of course the cobblestone ancient roads of the Old City where Jesus walked.

Run for Zion is an interactive pilgrimage and service experience in the form of a hands on conference, bringing together people of similar hearts and values to explore Israel through a unique prism and activities. In addition to the unparalleled experience of running or walking through Jerusalem, Run for Zion will arrange tours and briefings for you to see and experience the Land and its’ people. You'll participate in a special worship service as well as other special events that will make this a once in a lifetime experience. Each program, speaker, and experience will link you to the overall goals of giving you a deeper and more meaningful connection to Israel and its people.

Even more, by supporting several ministries whose work provides for people in need, your participation will be a tangible blessing to Israel, affirming your partnership with God in blessing His people. And while in Israel, you’ll get to meet and interact with people from these ministries whose lives you are touching, and be touched yourself.

By having friends and family sponsor you, you will not only bless Israel, but be blessed. Practically, Run for Zion will be providing significant subsidies to the cost of your trip to Israel, including a potential free trip. We will provide you a personal crowdfunding page that you can share widely, as well as promotional materials, so you can reach as many people as possible.