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Rebecca Berschwinger

Rebecca Berschwinger

Welcome to Team One Little Candle! I’m so very delighted to share with you my opportunity to embark upon a mission trip to bless Israel and her people.
This will be the trip of a lifetime: to run in the footsteps of Jesus and interact with and serve where needed. As much as this will be an experience for me, its an opportunity for you to be a blessing to Israel as well.
Please join me by donating to team One Little Candle. When you do, you will bless Israel, and you will be blessed at the same time. As God promised Abraham in Genesis 12:3 in regard to what would one day be the nation of Israel, " I will bless those who bless you..."
Your generous donation will help support important needs such as Aliyah - the prophetic ingathering of exiles, provide critical medical services, enhance security for Israeli communities on the periphery near dangerous borders, embrace Holocaust survivors in the last years of their lives, nourish hungry Israeli families, care for Christians living among Arab communities throughout the Land, provide social welfare for young men and women who protect the people and the Land, invest in orphans and at risk children to ensure their bright future, and bless Jerusalem and its residents.
Will you please help me to make a difference in the lives of those who dwell in the Holy Land by donating to my team?
While in Israel, we will connect with these ministries through Run for Zion, making a difference in the lives of millions. Thank you and God bless! Rebecca


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