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When I was in 8th grade, I researched the Six Day War for History Day. I was astonished to read how Jerusalem – against all odds – was back in Jewish hands after 2,000 years! That research project sparked a lifelong quest to find out more about Israel. This year marks Israel’s 70th anniversary, a special time to run in the Jerusalem Marathon. As an avid runner, I have run many races (including eight marathons), but running in Jerusalem would be the greatest!

I am raising money for RFZ (Run for Zion) ministry, which is endorsed by Mayor Nir Birkat. RFZ partners with various Israeli nonprofits to feed the hungry, assist Holocaust survivors, comfort terror victims, and more. RFZ will also host three special community-building events: a pre-race pasta feed and prayer time, a Shabbat dinner (special meal, songs, and blessings), and a Sunday worship service.

The 2019 Jerusalem Marathon is historic, marking the American Embassy’s first year in Jerusalem and Israel’s 70th year of statehood! Please partner with me to help me to raise $5,000 by mid-January 2019 (Note: deadline was extended from December 31, 2018; if I raise $3,200, Run for Zion will help subside my race entry, lodging, etc.).

To donate online, click the "Donate" button to the right.
Run for Zion (runforzion.com) is a ministry of the Genesis 123 Foundation (EIN 83-0789162); non-profit status is pending with the IRS.

Thanks again for your time, consideration, and prayers.


Made it!! First marathon in 6.5 years! Thank you G-d, family, friends, and partners for getting me through. Next stop, Jerusalem Marathon!!!

Thinking of planting one foot after the other and keeping correct posture...

Road to Jerusalem Marathon Week #15: Wow, what a week! So thankful for all who prayed for me for Mesa-Phoenix Marathon! I was hoping to PR and was on track the first 15.5mi or so, but about 8-10 happy big and medium blisters on forefoot and toes and tight shoulders hampered the journey. I still got my third fastest time at 4:19:21 though and even more importantly, was injury free and joints feel great! During training didn't get the blister problem, but will definitely get thicker socks and blister bandaids for Jerusalem! Every race is a victory, particularly a completed one injury free. You might wonder - what does it feel like to not get your expected time.. and be 25 min slower than expected. Well, during the race, I was thinking about about posture, counting strides, and praying for G-d to help me through to the end! While my mind and muscles could do so much more to push through, the soles of my feet just wouldn't do. But this was a great learning lesson to be patient, get to the end, and think of how to come back to next race stronger and learn how even something small as socks and blister bandaids make a difference in a race as well as the big things like prayer and coming into each race with an attitude of humility and thankfulness. Looking forward to rest, cross training, and getting the game plan on for Jerusalem! So excited to run in the Holy Land and to share this experience with you all. Many thanks to friends, family, and the many others partnering with me for the road to Jerusalem. No words can express what this race means to me and how I can share this with you. No race is done alone, but is a team effort - from those helping to prep meals (friends, you know who you are), to those cheering along the way (even the small things like a Post It note or cheering on by the finish line), so those praying for me near and afar (mom, dad, and so many others). I especially want to give a shout out to my grandma (please pray for her kidneys, they need some divine intervention and healing). I pray she will be here to still see the photos from the race. In advance grandma, I'm dedicating the next run to you! I love you soo much! P.S. So thankful for those who have partnered with me! I've never raised more than $1,000 EVER for any one non-profit initiative, and we definitely reached higher than that. G-d is so faithful! I have reached my benchmark! Should you still want to bless RFZ and the work they are doing, you can do so via the same link: https://www.runforzion.com/elizabethcwong?tab=MyPage #JerusalemMarathon2019 #RunforZion #Marathon #RunforZionMarathon #RunwithEndurance #irunjem


Enjoying the beautifully splendid sunset during track practice.

Road to Jerusalem Marathon Week #14: Finally, the last long run before Mesa Phoenix Marathon, which is next week (so the next update will be from the marathon, woohoo). G-d willing, hoping to get sub 4 hours for this marathon, which will be just 5 weeks before Jerusalem Marathon. Thankful for running friends who joined for the long easy 12 mi bright and early at 5:30am. Earlier this week, there was a splendid sunset. One of the great joys of running outside is seeing scenery and nature. The innumerable red hues were quite inspiring to see. Thankful to be training in a place where it's not snowing and where it's not too warm this time of year. Also worked on tweaking form and stretching. Was able to get a deep issue massage in, which was really helpful after all those weeks running with the water pack and getting tight muscles. Lastly and probably most wonderful, got a chance to speak with grandma (she has cancer and is almost 90) and mom on FaceTime and give them an update on the marathon training. P.S. So thankful for those who have partnered with me! I've never raised more than $1,000 EVER for any one non-profit initiative, and we definitely reached higher than that. G-d is so faithful! I have reached my benchmark! Should you still want to bless RFZ and the work they are doing, you can do so via the same link: https://www.runforzion.com/elizabethcwong?tab=MyPage #JerusalemMarathon2019 #RunforZion #Marathon #RunforZionMarathon #RunwithEndurance #irunjem


Thank you team for helping me with a 14 mi run (including 6 miles at marathon race pace)!

Running team helping me put my best foot forward!

Nice tools to help with core / stability training!

Road to Jerusalem Marathon Week #13: Finally, taper week (i.e., run less miles)!!! That doesn't mean it was an easier week though :) Running a marathon is not just training physically for it - you have to get mentally, spiritually, and emotionally ready for it, too. This week, it was definitely mentally stretching. Track went great doing about 7-9 mi there, but had to course correct for some tight shoulder muscles from carrying the water pack on the long runs. Coach Andy was gracious and super helpful in providing running checklist tips on things to check for each mi - relax head, jaw, neck, shoulders, arms at 90 degrees, think smooth gait, lean in from the feet slightly, and remember midfoot strike. Repeat each mile. That checklist really helped esp for the long run this weekend. I brought the water pack just in case, but was determined to try without it since I only had 14 mi and there was water along the way. Almost talked myself out of running it because I wanted to sleep in (sooo many of these runs start at 5:30am or 6:30am), but was encouraged by joining the running team (thank you Moosen runners), who helped me put my best foot forward (see picture :)). We had a blast and somehow, I was able to finish the last 6 miles and get in my marathon race pace miles! Also helpful was fine tuning the last push on weight training workouts. The Gliding tool works wonders in helping with core stability as well as the handbell sacks! Less than 2 weeks until Phoenix Marathon, less than 7 weeks until Jerusalem Marathon. Woohoo! Thank you team for your prayers, partnership, words of encouragement, and cheering on! Have probably ran 500 miles so far on this journey! P.S. So thankful for those who have partnered with me! I've never raised more than $1,000 EVER for any one non-profit initiative, and we definitely reached higher than that. G-d is so faithful! I have reached my benchmark! Should you still want to bless RFZ and the work they are doing, you can do so via the same link: https://www.runforzion.com/elizabethcwong?tab=MyPage


So thankful for the very thoughtful note the Moosen runners left!

Thankful for running buddy friends who joined me for 10 mi of my 20 mi long run!

What a beautiful track to train on! Clocked in 44 laps and completed 10 mi marathon race pace!

Road to Jerusalem Marathon Week #12: This week was the most challenging week of training thus far, highlighted by a 44 laps (including 10 mi at marathon race pace) at track, cross training, and a 20 mi long run... 37 mi running in aggregate this week! So thankful for those cheering along the way, especially the Moosen Running Club running buddies who joined me for 10 mi in the early hours of the morning and also left such a thoughtful message! We are getting there! Marathon training is such a great reminder who it's not a solo effort; it really helps having community to help and cheer along the way. I think of Coach Andy who has helped immensely with my running form (and my tibia and fibia are very thankful to be injury free so far). I think of Tracy, Jen, Jennifer, Mona, the Burrs, and others who have joined on the Long Runs and making those countless hours of hitting the pavement more bearable. I think friends and family of who have partnered and provided prayer support. I think of my roommate who has helped with making pancakes and various other healthy foods as well. We are now less than 2 months before going to Israel, less than 3 weeks to Mesa-Phx Marathon (the marathon I originally signed up for before committing to Jerusalem Marathon 2019). For those of you wondering - no it's not usual to run two marathons so close together. But when I heard of the work that Run For Zion is doing, coupled with the integrity that the RFZ leadership operates in and the key time of running the Jerusalem Marathon this year in Israel's 70th anniversary and the American Embassy's 1st year in Jerusalem, it was an opportunity not to miss. Excited to FINALLY start tapering (means you run less miles on the long runs) and get mentally, spiritually, and emotionally prepared for a race in 3 weeks, then will shift gears to getting ready for hills after a 2 week break after Mesa-Phx Marathon to get ready for the hills of Jerusalem. P.S. So thankful for those who have partnered with me! I've never raised more than $1,000 EVER for any one non-profit initiative, and we definitely reached higher than that. G-d is so faithful! I have reached my benchmark! Should you still want to bless RFZ and the work they are doing, you can do so via the same link: https://www.runforzion.com/elizabethcwong?tab=MyPage #JerusalemMarathon2019 #RunforZion #Marathon #RunforZionMarathon #RunwithEndurance #irunjem


After hitting the wall 2-3 times, made it to the finish line successfully! Praise G-d!

Ice cream, a great treat after a long run and hike

Road to Jerusalem Marathon Week #11: Wow what a week! It started with Ice Cream (one of the best desserts EVER) at the famed Swensen's ice cream while visiting friends in San Francisco. Thinking about ice cream helps get through those 35+ mi/week of running. And no, eating lots of ice cream is not generally great for training, but once in a while it actually helps with the post-run recovery! :) This week was long, hard, exhausting, but worth it. Made it somehow through speedwork midweek (15 min warm up, 8 - Yassos (800m tempo), 15 min cool down). The long run was a bit more a challenge. Didn't quite get enough sleep nor eat enough calories this week. But did make another 16 mi run (see picture of the smile by the lake) successfully (just took out the 6 miles of marathon race pace at the end), braving 2-3 walls - you know that moment you feel like giving up but don't. In running, you will have on and off days. So it's okay to be off a few workouts as long as you can get into rhythm again. So while the last few workouts were hard, I'm excited for how the next few days of rest and getting more calories in and rest will help me be better prepared for next week! Much of training is also a mental game of visualizing the course, dealing with the weather, knowing where the restroom stops are, and - at least in Phoenix area - running with a water pack because the water is quite hard here (really, don't leave home without it on a long run). Thank you so much for your prayers, partnership, and joining along in this adventure! Life is a lot like a marathon - there are highs and lows, but it is pressing on toward the higher goal to get to the finish line successfully! Together, we are going to get to the finish line!!! P.S. We are nearing the end of the revised deadline Just $458 left to get to the $3200 benchmark. Most all the funds go to RFZ projects. RFZ subsides my race entry, lodging, etc. if meeting this benchmark. Please see https://www.runforzion.com/elizabethcwong?tab=MyPage to help us get the rest of the way there! Any amount helps! So blessed for those of have partnered already!


Squeezed in some hills during a whirlwind Bay Area visit with friends.

The Stick and Trigger Point foam roller. Don't go running training without them. Also helpful is a lacrosse ball!

Road to Jerusalem Marathon Week #10: Some of my favorite running tools to avoid injury include The Stick roller, the Trigger Point foam roller, and a lacrosse ball (not pictured). These tools of the trade really help get those knots out. Anyhow, earlier this week, survived a new years run! It was rather windy and I was a bit sleep deprived, so I ran 8 mi instead of 10 mi, thinking it's better to do less and recover quicker for the weekly long run. That strategy proved to work well because the long run went great. For the "cherry on top", I visited CA to visit friends and did about 75 floors of climbing, including Twin Peaks, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Lombard Street - most in the wind and rain. The hills oddly didn't feel too bad after training at a bit higher altitude in AZ, but the wind and rain were quite chilly. Lastly, we are at $2,692 raised! The deadline did get extended to mid January. If I raise $3200 (so $508 more) by that time frame, Run for Zion will help subside my race entry, lodging, etc. Please see https://www.runforzion.com/elizabethcwong?tab=MyPage to help us get the rest of the way there! Any amount helps! If you can share with anyone that would be interested, that would be great, too! Thank you and blessings!


Road to Jerusalem Marathon Week #9: Here's the last marathon post of the year, where has 2018 gone?!?! In December, amidst other ongoing projects, I ran 140 mi, and I am immensely grateful for those at track and who have joined in on the long runs! It's not too late for you to partner with me for Team Elizabeth to benefit the Run For Zion initiative for the 2019 Jerusalem Marathon! Any amount helps, and together, we have raised over $2,506 already (>50%)! Help us to get the rest of the way there by year-end (i.e., the next 2 days) by clicking the Donate button above. Much of the training season has been in the wee hours of the morning before work. Here is a recent run getting in 14 mi in (7 mi relaxed pace, then 7 mi marathon race pace (MRP)). I chose a net rolling uphill course followed by a net rolling down hill course so I could catch the sunrise and see it's beautiful rays glisten across a lake by the university. What a gloriously cool morning! One of the traditions for running a marathon can be to dedicate the race to someone and a group of special people. So for the 2019 Jerusalem Marathon, I dedicate it to all those who have partnered with me to make this possible, especially my grandma who has cancer and the doctors think she has maybe less than a year left. Another tradition is to go to the Western Wall and put prayers in the wall. As I put prayers in the wall, I will be praying for Team Elizabeth. For grandma. And, of course, for those in persecuted lands who don't have such freedoms to run in such a race. As each day is a gift, I hope and pray grandma can see footage of me running the race for her and you all and G-d of course. Here's to running the race with perseverance!

The beautifully placid lake reflecting the sun rays of the rising morning sun.

Ran by this beautiful man-made like with lights and red bows on a historic bridge by the university.


Thank you Sole Sports Running Zone for helping me with my running shoe questions!

Here with running buddy Billie, who helped develop a running app which helps connect customers with a running specialist to assist with online orders and running questions in general.

Road to Jerusalem Marathon Week 8: In life there are many mile markers / milestones some are big (e.g., graduation, getting married, having kids, first car, first job, etc.) while others are smaller (e.g., graduating 1st grade, getting great grades, having grandma like the food you've cooked, etc.). In marathon training, finishing and finishing well are definitely the big mile markers, but there are many smaller mile markers - many more than 26.2 :). This week, I had three mile markers passed: 1) new pair and style of running shoe, 2) first time running 20 mi in over 6+ years, and 3) first post-training ice bath in about the same amount of time. First, a running buddy noted he had developed a new app for Sole Sports Running Zone which basically is like a personal shopper experience, connecting potential customers with a running specialist to help with running and product questions. So I tried the app and also went in person to get fitted. I thought I would just get a new model of the same style I've been wearing for about 4 years (in running, if you like a pair of running shoes, you buy in bulk and often keep to the same style because it works). However, the sales staff were excellent and found me a lovely pair of new running shoes in a new style and brand! Second, there are Long Runs that seem really long in marathon training. Finally got to 20 mi!!!! Thankful for those who joined along the way, for great weather, and for a flat route this week. Was getting tired around 14-15 mi, but changed the music to more upbeat songs, counted strides, and finally got to the finish faster than when I started (i.e., negative splits). Finally, recovery. Yes, it is super important. Finally did a post-training ice bath in... a long time. This helps the joints, etc. recover faster in the Long Runs. Thankful that's done... Excited for another week and I think I've logged in some turkey credits to have some more ice cream.


Running up hills

Thank you Moosen crew for joining me on the part of the Long Run and making those 18 mi seem shorter!

Road to Jerusalem Marathon Week #7: It took ALL week to mentally prepare for two things: 1) 8 mi marathon race pace (MRP) workout at the track and 2) hill training - yes finally found them - in Phoenix area for a 18 mi long run (the to life! long run :)). Braved 6+ hills ranging from 0.5 mi to 1.4 mi and was thankful to share many of these wonderful hills with the Moosen running crew, thank you! Running as a team definitely makes those hills seem much shorter and actually even easier. Reminds me of life when there are challenges and obstacles and how facing those with family and/or friends make them much easier. It's the resistance and challenges that make us stronger!


A reminder that a little light can light a dark room. A group of lights can exponentially dispel the darkness. :)

Some of my favorite running treats to have sustained energy for medium and long runs. For short runs, quick energy gels work great!

Road to Jerusalem Marathon Week #6: Wow, is it really 6 weeks into this journey?!?! Hard to believe. This week was a grueling one time wise trying to get in the necessary hours for eating, resting, running, etc. I think we've all been there were there doesn't seem like there is enough time in the day. But that is where we get to reflect on the importance of the rest we do get and creating that space amidst the flurry of life. Nutrition and sleep - both are SUPER important in running a marathon. Nutrition - while sugar can give a nice high in the short term, it won't give the necessary return in the long run. Some of the best things I've found when tweaking the running diet for endurance runs are UCAN's protein drinks (super starch slow release energy without the energy spikes and crashes), pretzels (nice salty balance to the sweet stuff), and electrolyte drinks. Pre-run or snacking during the day, I've found bananas and organic maranatha peanut butter work wonders. Sleep - now that's a tough one - ideally, one would get 8-9 hours of sleep per day. On a few occasions, I get substantially less. I was reminded of this a few days ago. An easy run I could run in "my sleep" (pun intended) I couldn't run safely because I didn't get enough sleep (didn't want to pull a muscle or run with bad form, etc.). Humbling indeed. But I told myself, not all days will feel like 100%. Maybe some days feel like 50%. But if taking a day at 50%, then maybe the next day I can feel like 80-90% for a really important training day. And that is what occurred. The sleep deprived day, I took and easy easy day. The following day, was back on my feet and successfully made a 9 mi progression run (3mi easy, 3 mi moderate, 3 mi moderate-hard). Some days you have to take a slight detour so the following days you can reach the mountain top to see the view. Lastly, love seeing all the candles this season of lights. It is amazing how much a small amount of light can pierce through darkness. Let's let our lights shine brightly.


Resistance training - it's not the funnest thing in the world, but it helps keep one out of injury and work those connector muscles!

Happy birthday mom! Thanks for cheering me on, especially during preparation for this race! No words can describe my gratitude! And thank you grandma for your smiles and support as well! Looking forward to sharing the race experience with you!

Road to Jerusalem Marathon Week #5: Shout out to my mom, it's her birthday today! Happy birthday, mom! When I think of racing, actually very few hours are in the race itself. A lot of race preparation is putting the time of shoes hitting the pavement, cross training to avoid injury, etc. The race is like the magnum opus of it all, the culmination of all the sweat, tears, etc. along the way. So grateful for the times my mom has cheered me on for races, especially for preparing for this one! Her smile and enthusiasm give me inspiration to push on through "the wall" (i.e., you know that moment when you feel like giving up and you are waiting for your second wind). Also a shout out to grandma, who just turned 89, love you grandma and thank you for supporting me! Somehow, and it's really unexplainable, when seeing people cheer on the sidelines, when you feel like giving up, you are able to muster extra strength and push on even harder and even stronger than before! So thank you mom and to the many others who have cheered me along the way, there are no words which can adequately express my gratitude! Also this week, I recounted the importance of weight training. Weight training is not my most favorite thing to do when there are the great outdoors to explore. But weight / resistance training is ESSENTIAL to keeping injury free and working those connector muscles that often get overlooked. Makes me think of life - there are a lot of moments where one is pushing up a hill or there seems to be a bit more resistance to breaking through. But it is that healthy resistance that makes us stronger and more resilient for the hills and valleys that come along the way. So here's to another great week! Looking forward to more miles run in this upcoming season of light and miracles!


There are many solitary runs where one must muster more mental fortitude. Thinking of Footprints in the Sand and how one is really never alone, but buoyed on by the prayers set before us and the One who is always with us.

It's a face mask running day. 168 AQI (Unhealthy). The particulates in the sky enrobed the mountains and foothills.

Road to Jerusalem Marathon Week #4: Thankful and grateful for many things in life, great and small. This week, I experienced first hand what running is like with a a face mask when it is almost 170 on the air quality index (AQI). Some of the winds from the fires had blown into the valley. While that training run was short, it made me even more thankful for the many courageous people helping to contain the various CA fires. Prayers also going forth to the many people impacted by the fires. Later in the week, I had an opportunity to run by the beach and saw this solitary boardwalk, which reminded me of a great poem called Footprints in the Sand. Many of the training runs for a marathon can be long and solitary if not with a pacing group that day. One has to muster more mental fortitude to get to the next mile and keep on track. But in the midst of the solitude, we are really never really alone. We are buoyed on by the prayers set before us, the people near and afar cheering us on, and the One above.


oday, while putting in a nice 8 mi, I experienced first hand the impacts of breathing the unhealthy air. Many prayers to those fighting the fires, those of have lost so much in the process, and those who are having to breathe the extra hazardous air.

Thankful for some great runners paying it forward and helping me with running form and getting ready for those long runs! Legs were still a bit tired from the epic Grand Canyon Hike, but thankful could still work on form in slower speeds.


Week #2: Hills. Jerusalem has them. Phoenix has less of them. Solution. Go to Grand Canyon and get initiated into hills! 18 mi and 5,000 ft later of descent and ascent, made it before sundown! Thankful for friends who joined along the way!


Week #1: Stretching is IMPORTANT! Clocked in about 26 miles this week, and capped it off with pilates stretching to strengthen the core and work on all those wonderful connector muscles so important for running, but often ignored.


Quick hill and altitude training run in Running Town USA - Flagstaff, AZ


Here are some great memories from past races. I'm super excited for the opportunity to run in the eternal city, Jerusalem, with your prayers and support!


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