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Elizabeth Wong

Elizabeth Wong

Dear family and friends,

When I was in 8th grade, I researched the Six Day War for History Day. I was astonished to read how Jerusalem – against all odds – was back in Jewish hands after 2,000 years! That research project sparked a lifelong quest to find out more about Israel. In 2019, I had the amazing opportunity to run the Jerusalem Marathon on behalf of Run for Zion (RFZ) during Israel’s 70th year of statehood and the American embassy’s first year in Jerusalem! I was amazed at how the community really came out to support sending me there. People who ordinarily would not be interested in Israel were fascinated about the idea of running a marathon there. Even more special, I was able to finish all 18 hills of the marathon and dedicate the race to my grandma, who is currently battling cancer, and take the finisher’s medal home to her!

March 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the Jerusalem Marathon, and I hope to lead a small running team there with RFZ. For those of you new to RFZ, RFZ partners with various Israeli nonprofits to invest in orphans and at risk children, comfort terror victims, support Christian communities, and more. RFZ will also host three special community-building events: a pre-race pasta feed and prayer time, a Shabbat dinner (special meal, songs, and blessings), and a Sunday worship service.

Will you partner with me in sending me to the 2020 Jerusalem Marathon for this opportunity of a lifetime - to not only run the marathon, but also to lead a team there? I need to raise $5,000 by December 31, 2019.

To donate online, please go to: runforzion.com/elizabethcwong2020.
Run for Zion (runforzion.com) is a ministry of the Genesis 123 Foundation (EIN 83-0789162), whose non-profit status was recently approved by the IRS.

Thanks again for your time, consideration, and prayers.




First sister 1/2 marathon run in the books this past weekend! Was excited and elated to help pace for my sister. It was a gorgeous day, a bit cold in the beginning, but the California sun did not disappoint! I also got to work a bit more on relaxing and running form while pacing! One more week of hill "initiation", then full on to training for Jerusalem Marathon's 18 or so hills!!!!

During the race, we had many, many rolling hills and an abundance of ocean views.

Yay, first 1/2 marathon with my sister! More hill training with Malibu Half, fun times!


The partner medals! There are two different versions - one with the back noting Jerusalem Marathon 2020 and the other a noted verse about running the race with endurance!

We now have partner medals for partners who either donate $150 or those who will regularly/weekly pray for Team Go for the Gold for Run For Zion

Shalom y’all, Exciting announcements - 1) we now have partner medals for partners who either donate $150 or those who will regularly/weekly pray for Team Go for the Gold for Run For Zion; and 2) finally have a running team member on my team! Rhonda Morrison will be joining the team and am super excited to have idea share on training, new areas to train on hills in AZ (she’s a local), and maybe also music (she is a musician). For the running medals we will will have two versions - one with Jerusalem Marathon 2020 in back and the other with a scripture verse on running the race with endurance on back. Lastly, shout out to local artist Alyssa Mehlhorn, who gave these trees from Redding, CA (which survived a major fire and were dying) a second chance at life with her beautiful creations. Relationships built along the way on this journey is what it is all about, and excited invest in these to help you all feel a part of Team Go for the Gold! Excited for more hills and soon, Jerusalem !!! I am already over 30% of my goal. Any amount helps!


Will be working on form more in the next few months and fine tuning training!

Just recently got off the phone with a dear fellow local runner who will be joining my Go for the Gold! Running team for Run For Zion!!!! Super excited (words cannot fully describe)! Stay tuned for more info! (See picture jumping for joy :)). Looking forward to the camaraderie, sharing running training notes, working on form, finding NEW places with paved roads to train on hills here in Phoenix area (photos below are from the visit to CA at Monitor Pass and Sagehen Meadows).

Jumping for joy at Sagehen meadows. Yay, I have a future running buddy for team Go For the Gold!!!


Shalom y’all, Working on hill training to build up endurance for Jerusalem Marathon in 2020! This year, I’m doing more to help you all feel part of the team. For everyone that partners with me, I will personally hand deliver your prayers to the Western Wall. To those who partner and donate $150 or more, I’m partnering with a talented local artist to create running medallions with Run for Zion logo and Team Go for the Gold! (My small running team) on the back! So back to the story, wanted to see the fall colors and get more high elevation training in, so ventured off with family to see the eastern Sierras and Lake Sabrina. Here, took a nice job up to Blue Lake and went up about 1,500 ft to 10,400 ft elevation to see the graciously blue and sublime lakes! Excited for more hills and elevation training when back in AZ for Rim to Rim, then Jerusalem!!! I am already over 25% of my goal. Any amount helps!

A waterfall along the side of the path.

The fall colors are simply gorgeous to see while doing hill training.

Running near Lake Sabrina during a family trip, getting in some high altitude training in at 9,000+ ft.


Pushing through the hills.

Testing out the trails at 10,000 ft during fall colors.

Capturing some golden hues during some hill training. The leaves sounded like nature's tambourine in the sky.

Shalom y'all, What a week, it was a somber, emotional, reflective time as I had a chance to speak and play violin for my grandma's memorial service. She wasn't a runner, but she was a great supporter, cheering on even when she didn't have much strength. I'm reminded in life there are a lot of hills and valleys (hills below from Alabama Hills near Mt Whitney portal), and it's the big and small moments with friends and family that make a huge difference. This week, I was able to get some speed workouts in. It's quite nice doing these workouts at 70 or so degrees vs. the 100+ degrees of summer. :) Trekked out with friends to near running town USA (aka Flagstaff) to see the fall colors and hearing the wind blow through the leaves like nature's tambourine revitalized my steps. The crystal blue skies from around 9,000-10,000 ft were a beauty to behold, and looking forward to more hill training for the HIIIlLLLY Jerusalem Marathon (18 or so hills). I'm already 25% of my goal of $5,000! Please partner with me to for Jerusalem Marathon 2020 as part of Run For Zion! Also, I may have a fellow running buddy joining me as part of Team Go for the Gold for this marathon, so super excited! Please stay tuned!


Here's a picture of me presenting the 2019 Jerusalem Marathon to grandma. Love you grandma!


Death Valley is an amazing place to run, even at 111 degree or so heat! Tackled a few sand dunes before sundown. Thanks dad for the wonderful pic!

Some of the lovely hills and lingering snow my friends and training buddies encountered.

Almost sunset and the end of an epic hike at 9,200-12,633 or so feet covering 5,000 feet over 18 mi (went up and down several times). Hiking and trail running are a great way to enjoy hills!


raised of $5,000 goal

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