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Regina Walton

Regina Walton

Dear Family/Friends,

Our team will participate in the “RunforZion” charity race to bless Israel on March 20, 2020. I am very excited to be a part of this journey and this awesome team! Not only will I have the opportunity to bless Israel, I will also run/walk in the footsteps of Jesus!

In addition to participating in the race, we will also help serve those in need by connecting with many organizations that are striving to make a difference in Israel. We will help support important needs that provide critical medical services; enhance security for Israeli communities on the periphery near dangerous borders; embrace Holocaust survivors in the last years of their lives; nourish hungry Israeli families; care for Christians living among Arab communities throughout the land; provide social welfare for young men and women who protect the Israeli people and land; invest in orphans and at risk children to help ensure a brighter future.

Will you please consider sharing in this wonderful event by supporting me and blessing Israel with a donation of any amount? You may donate via my RunforZion Page or contact me directly for other arrangements and/or questions at my email address: reginaawalton@yahoo.com

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Please keep us in your prayers.

God bless,



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I pray donations begin to flood your page causing you to meet or exceed $5,500 to bless Run Zion, Jerusalem and yourself. May every person who bless you be blessed by The Lord God Almighty Himself (Genesis 12:2-3, Deuteronomy 1:11) in The Mighty Name of Jesus Christ Amen
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